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TBWA Worldwide is an international advertising agency whose main headquarters are in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, United States.Since 1993, the agency has become a unit of Omnicom Group, the world's second largest advertising agency holding company.

An employee shared his distress, "Huge overall management issues at TBWA, bullying and intimidation of a junior staff member, wide culture of favouritism.

Probably a good place to work as account management but otherwise would strongly avoid in any other role or as a female. Even at that client service team were referred to as 'deadweight'. Even if someone is bad at their job or messes up, no person is deadweight - cruel way to talk about current staff. Seemed to be a blame culture on a wider level.

There are good people there but poor leadership. Made job cuts and in the same week published a press release announcing new hires and which described the company as 'very energised'. Whatever about the legality of any of this, have to be remarkably apathetic and arrogant to pull stunts like that. All seemed incredibly shoddy, not exactly 'above board' and treated everyone badly.

Favouritism evident in pay disparities and opportunities. Worked alongside male colleagues not only earning more but also just given the opportunity to negotiate pay. Bizarre to have gender pay disparity in this day and age and in a company that tried to trump up being female or female led I think it was? Everything seems dependent on relationships and how 'in' you are so, seriously if you want to be good at your job, think you're smart, talented or willing to work hard - not a place where that actually counts. No reviews and little to no contact with 'superiors'. Great if you're on the flip side and you're 'in' but fact is if everyone isn't treated equitably or fairly, someone else is losing out. If you're being treated well, unfortunately it's because someone else isn't.

Personal experience was of being messed around, intimidated and harassed, then told my career would be destroyed if I did anything about it. The process I was put through caused huge harm to me, was incredibly isolating to the point I stopped eating, became physically ill and suffered repeated anxiety attacks. The agency acknowledged wrongdoing but never once apologised for the damage caused to me by their mistakes or for the effects it has continued to have on me.

Management were well aware of the distress caused to me, that I would consider harming myself and while I continued to be nothing but diplomatic and nice to them and everyone I worked with, only furthered how isolated I was and attempted to humiliate me. Blamed their own mistakes on other people and were unwilling to take responsibility and just apologise. Find it hard to reconcile how a company that caused such harm to me and knowingly, could ever be associated or do work on behalf of a mental health charity. Takes some mental gymnastics or disillusionment to manage that one. Also tried not to pay me and didn't fully pay what I was owed, as I know they've done to other people too! Is this work being funded with our money? Yikes.

At the end of the day, management are in the positions they are because they were in the right place at the right time. These things have more to do with luck than talent or ability and that might be worth remembering. From my time here and experience I had, genuinely think they had a bit of a confidence knock or felt incompetent. Would explain a lot and is sort of sad but not an excuse either."


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Former Employee - Associate Medical Director says

"Zero mentorship (relative to 'pro' above). They hired me on as full-time, I relocated and they were aware, slowly phased out the medical dept until I was the only one. Phased me out the day of with no notice, only three months after I started. No culture, teamwork"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Too many to list in a header."

Group Supervisor says

"If on the wrong account, wrong coast, or wrong sex there could be implications."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Upper management completely out of touch with day-to-day operations. Recently hired an associate director that team was already working with as freelancer, and absolutely no one wanted to work with. Let go of two competent and congenial people, probably because said associate director didn't get along with them. Of course, turnover picked up and I'm sure it's only going to get worse. Truly puzzled by the incompetence."

Former Employee - Senior Project Manager says

"Everything else. The work in project management is menial., tedious, mind numbing. And the director of project management is a narcissist who is fearful of anyone smarter. She also wants robots who do not buck the system or ask questions. You must not question the queen! Yes. A dictatorship indeed."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Leadership is an nightmare. Sharon who runs healthcare is a horrible human and threatens employees. Can not believe they still allow a person like that to run an agency. You couldn't pay me $5 million to ever go back there"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Work in a different city - New York is filled with very snooty people who don't like to work."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The book of business is horrendous.It is so small at this point that small fluctuations for one client have a big impact on the overall financial performance of the agency. Gilead keeps the lights on, and the two products they have at Gilead are going to run their course. Also, Corbett really has no justification for taking any credit for the successful launch of Harvoni and Sovaldi. Really, the first cure, then the first all-in-one cure for Hep-C and you think it was the mediocre creative or the big booths at conventions that contributed to the record-breaking product launch? No, all you did was not screw up anything - and that's all any agency would have had to do to make sure the launch went well. They continuously disappoint all other clients. The past few years have been marked by a series of losses and reductions in scope of the rest of their clients that have any sort of interesting market challenges. Company culture - they have gotten rid of some of the smartest and most talented people while sharp-elbowed mongrels politicize the work environment and secure their positions by using client influence as leverage to bend the ear of upper management. Corbett is part of Omnicom(OMC), which means that any time it wants to make a decision it has to get buy-in from OMC. OMC's interests aren't necessarily aligned with Corbett's (keep in Mind OMC needs its full healthcare practice to succeed so it frequently steals from Jack to pay Jill, as the saying goes). This means two things: First, Corbett leadership plays politics among each other to stay in favor with the people they are accountable to at OMC. Any behavioral economist will tell you that this multi-tasking is always pretty bad, especially if those people are in charge of running a company. Second, everything is designed around being successful within DAS and TBWA/Worldhealth, not just being a successful healthcare agency. Strategic projects are underfunded, client pitching involves "sister agencies," and OMC absorbs the payout of any financial performance. Leadership is weak and doesn't know how to provide direction by example. They are so afraid of losing clients they fail to be proactive in managing their day to day contacts and senior leadership at the clients."


"Well, the title of the post says it all. Without good creative leadership, theres just no way to get good work. It's design by committee. Account leadership is completely based on favortism, so it's an absolute joke. Bad pay. Typical top-heavy, disconnected senior management run the show and are completely disconnected from reality, employees and the Pharma industry, Digital, or anything creative. Old and obsolete thinking. Lie to employees. Toxic environment. Employees drop like flies and are at best apathetic with no respect for leadership (rightfully so). I wish I never worked here."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The new leadership of this agency is a joke, a group of fraudulent, soulless drones that are running the agency into the ground. It seems like the more incompetent and pathetic you are, the quicker you will move up the Corbett corporate ladder. If you have any talent and self respect you will avoid Corbett."

Secretaria de Dirección (Current Employee) says

"Hasta septiembre de 2015 me gustaba trabajar en esta empresa, pero a partir de esa fecha mi situación laboral cambió drásticamente."

Graphic Designer/Finalizer /Production (Current Employee) says

"We barely got paid couple times, I and other colleagues had to quit due to insufficient funds. The owner couldn't pay us, even thought our salaries were the minimum."

Prefer not to share (Former Employee) says

"TBWA was a fun place to work. I enjoyed the time I spent there and learned quite a bit. They have righted the ship and can be a great place to work in the ad agency world."

digital strategy intern (Current Employee) says

"It is a fascinating agency to kickstart your digital career and give a number of opportunities to work big brands of South Africa. I have learnt a lot from the agency and thankful for what I learnt so far.Free lunches"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"long working hours. management issues. no employee appreciation & motivation. immense work pressure. no work life balance. ............................get to wear diferrent hatsno work life balance at all"

TELEACTEUR (Former Employee) says

"Mise en place de prélèvements automatiqueOpération UNICEF"

Digital Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Spannende Kunden aber das Privatleben leidet sehr. Die Arbeitskollegen waren alle toll! Man schweisst zusammen, wenn man oft gemeinsam durch stressige Zeiten geht."

Brand Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"If you're thinking about growing, TBWA is the best place. Growing not earning money enough. Since the annual payment is ridiculous at Santo Domingo..."

Head of Copy (Current Employee) says

"You may make some friends while there, but the reason you're there is to work, not to build relationships or have fun. Get in there, get the job done and get it done well."

Art Director (Former Employee) says

"A very good place where to start your career as a creative but if you want to grow up fast, make different experiences and evolve as a professional, is better to don't stay there for more than 2 years.Easygoing colleagues and ambientEasygoing management"

PR and client handler executive (Former Employee) says

"team work was an important aspect of our day. Brain storming and pitching ideas to other in addition to lending a had when work load is heavy was our motogreat teamvery very long working hours"

Strategic Planner (Former Employee) says

"A very competitive area and a company with many internal process to assist in planning. With interesting clientele both international and local. The local company manages to get over the initial crisis period of Greece due to its crystal clear financial background and balances.CreativityUnstable owneship in Greece"

Ejecutivo de Cuentas (Current Employee) says

"En general he tenido una buena época en esta empresa, he aprendido una gran parte de mis conocimientos en marketing y publicidad , he crecido tanto profesionalmente como personalmente. Pero, por otro lado en estos momentos necesito seguir avanzando en mi carrera profesional y siento que no se facilita demasiado la promoción de sus trabajadores en la empresa. Tengo ganas de seguir formándome, aprendiendo y evolucionando, por lo que pienso que es el momento para lanzarme a un nuevo proyecto."

Acheteuse d'art (Former Employee) says

"grande agence de publicité, avec les avantages et les inconvénients que cela peut avoir : émulation, stress...grands clientsmanagement"

Responsable communication médicale (Current Employee) says

"Conception rédaction médicale Réflexion stratégique / recommandation stratégique pour nos clients (laboratoires pharmaceutiques)AutonomiePas de participation financière"

Account Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Bruisend media bureau met hard werkende medewerkers, geen 9-5 mentaliteit."

Studio Supervisor / Senior Production Artist (Former Employee) says

"Forced to use barcode system to track time on each job Became a sweat shop Cameras everywhere No loyalty to employees"

Senior designer in the group of NIVEA and ABSOLUT (Former Employee) says

"Painstaking work with print ad's and keyvisuals. Much technical layout and retouching. Frequent rebrifing. Cranky customer. Cheerful and friendly creative team of designers, art directors and copywriters. Intensive exchange of experience."

Coordinatrice de Médias (Former Employee) says

"Je demandais des horaires et certificat de transmission, vérifiais des spots transmis à la TV, envoyais des ordres de transmission par fax et demandais des supports, envoyais des matériaux aux médiasfin de contrat"

Video Editor/DVD Author (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work would be making demo reels of various clients. Lots of DVD making and cool people to work with.The building.Freelance position."

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